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My last blog post was 21 days ago… I took theese pictures 21 days ago but never posted them.

I am not sure where to start or end this post – one thing is sure. Its going to be a long one folks so grab something to eat or drink haha.

I started this blog four years ago. Before the blog, I was the most awkward insecure girl ever. I guess that’s the story of many bloggers. My confidence has always been an issue and still is. Four years ago I decided to start this blog, not to prove anything to the world, but to prove to myself that I was okay.

The blog was a hobby and if I could I would hide it from everybody I know.

As I started to get readers in the beginning I realized my love for everything pretty – not only clothes, jewelry and makeup, but also photography, editing, and concept creating.

About two years into it I started creating content on a regular basis, linked my blog to google analytics so I could track it’s progress and started reading up on social media strategies.

My love for blogging grew, but the readers were not sticking around.

Whenever I would read about it, the internet told me that if you did not have any success after 2 years you might as well just let it go.

But I was not doing it for the readers, and am still not doing it for that reason. With that said, saying that I did not get demotivated and discouraged would be a lie. I was putting so many hours into the blog and seeing the numbers fall each day was devastating.

My numbers are low – very low. And have been four years now.

I am finishing my masters degree in less than two months, have started my own IT consultancy firm together with colleagues and I love what I am doing.

My time is spent on writing my thesis, implementing a project for it, working two jobs at the university, starting my own company and juggling life with a i’ll mom while still being a good friend, sister and blogger.

The stress of life in general combined with the blog not ‘going anywhere’ even after four years of consistency, lead to me doubting myself and it was simply too much.

The pressure of social media is a topic on its own, but in its simplicity the world of social media is toxic. It has become a place where we are now trying to commercialize ourselves, rather than connect. A place where the psychological effects of likes, comments and shares are proving to affect our mental health in a negative manner rather than positive. It is scary.

I am not quitting blogging, but I am no longer promising to post consistently. I will be posting as much as my mind lets me.

I will be posting on Instagram on a regular basis so head over there if you miss me as much as I am going to miss you (on the days that I don’t post – this is not goodbye 😉 )

Thank you for four years and hopefully more to come <3

Love A

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