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My last blog post was 21 days ago… I took theese pictures 21 days ago but never posted them.

I am not sure where to start or end this post – one thing is sure. Its going to be a long one folks so grab something to eat or drink haha.

I started this blog four years ago. Before the blog, I was the most awkward insecure girl ever. I guess that’s the story of many bloggers. My confidence has always been an issue and still is. Four years ago I decided to start this blog, not to prove anything to the world, but to prove to myself that I was okay.

The blog was a hobby and if I could I would hide it from everybody I know.

As I started to get readers in the beginning I realized my love for everything pretty – not only clothes, jewelry and makeup, but also photography, editing, and concept creating.

About two years into it I started creating content on a regular basis, linked my blog to google analytics so I could track it’s progress and started reading up on social media strategies.

My love for blogging grew, but the readers were not sticking around.

Whenever I would read about it, the internet told me that if you did not have any success after 2 years you might as well just let it go.

But I was not doing it for the readers, and am still not doing it for that reason. With that said, saying that I did not get demotivated and discouraged would be a lie. I was putting so many hours into the blog and seeing the numbers fall each day was devastating.

My numbers are low – very low. And have been four years now.

I am finishing my masters degree in less than two months, have started my own IT consultancy firm together with colleagues and I love what I am doing.

My time is spent on writing my thesis, implementing a project for it, working two jobs at the university, starting my own company and juggling life with a i’ll mom while still being a good friend, sister and blogger.

The stress of life in general combined with the blog not ‘going anywhere’ even after four years of consistency, lead to me doubting myself and it was simply too much.

The pressure of social media is a topic on its own, but in its simplicity the world of social media is toxic. It has become a place where we are now trying to commercialize ourselves, rather than connect. A place where the psychological effects of likes, comments and shares are proving to affect our mental health in a negative manner rather than positive. It is scary.

I am not quitting blogging, but I am no longer promising to post consistently. I will be posting as much as my mind lets me.

I will be posting on Instagram on a regular basis so head over there if you miss me as much as I am going to miss you (on the days that I don’t post – this is not goodbye 😉 )

Thank you for four years and hopefully more to come <3

Love A

Culture is the new black…


















Hold fat i hat og briller venner – turen går til… Ja vi skal da hele verdenen rundt!

Tribal printet er ikke noget man ser hænge i butikkerne særlig ofte – det kan være at H&Ms divided audeling liige har en vovet kjole eller en buks i printet men så heller ikke mere.

Men sådan er det ikke længere – De østlige/afrikanske print og silhuetter er landet og kommet for at blive.
Zara, Mango og H&M har alle lanceret nye kollektioner som alle er inspireret af kulturer fra verdenen over. Selv kan jeg genkende en masse tøj i butikkerne som ligner tøj jeg har hængende hjemme  i min pakistanske garderobe.

Kjolen jeg har på ovenover er f.eks. købt i en pakistansk butik, men kunne sagtens hænge i ZARA i dag.  

Det er skønt i og med det er så farverigt og luftigt tøj som ikke behøver at være klistret til kroppen. Kulturerne puster noget nyt liv ind i den ellers lidt basic og farveforskrækket skandinavisk æstetik (ups) 😉

Jeg, som jo altid ligner en oversized farvelade, er helt høj på det og har da også hevet mit yndlings pakistanske tøj frem som jeg skal strutte rundt i her til forår og sommer.

Kultur er det nye sort venner – Og jeg elsker det!

Knus A

Behold friends – we are taking a trip to… Well all over the world!
The tribal print is not something that you can find hanging in many clothing stores – it might be that H&M’s divided section has a little dress of some trousers in the print but not more than that.

The times have changed and the eastern/african inspired prints and silhouettes have landed and are here to stay.

ZARA, MANGO and H&M have all launched their new collections which are all inspired by different cultures from all over the world.

I, myself, can recognise a lot of clothes that resemble my pakistani wardrobe.

The dress  I am wearing today is e.g. a pakistani dress, but it could easily be something that ZARA could sell in their stores.

I think it is so lovely to see, since the trend now introduces colour and prints to an else colour-frightened Scandinavian esthetic (Oops) 😉

I am always looking like a walking painting done by a five year old, so I am super happy about it, and have already started to pull items from my pakistani wardrobe out and introduce them into my western wardrobe.

Culture is the new black friends – And I am loving it!

Love A


1: HERE  2:HERE  3:HERE  4: HERE  5: HERE

Pyyyyha så kom jeg igennem endnu en måned – tillykke til mig og tillykke til dig. Nogle gange når man har haft en hård dag, uge eller måned må man godt lige tage 5 sekunder til lige at trække vejret dybt ned og klappe sig på skulderen – Vi kom igennem og det er SÅ sejt!

Min måned har været super travl med skole og arbejde – og ja så var jeg da “bare lige” i Malmö for at spise middag med kulturministeren OG så filmede jeg da “bare lige” også lige den nye Sivas musikvideo (#DAUDA) som er ude i starten af april – Bum! Det er helt skørt og jeg er super taknemmelig for en travl/hård men lærerig marts.

Hvordan har jeres måned været? Glæder i jer til April ligeså meget som jeg?

Og hey, før jeg smutter, så tag lige og fortæl mig om du har et yndlings outfit ud fra billederne ovenover gider du? Takker 😉

Knus A

Phew! I got through yet another month – congratulations to me and congratulations to you. Sometimes when you have had a rough day, week or month it is in its place that you take 5 seconds to stop up, breathe and pat yourself on the back – you made it through and that is SO awesome!

My month has been super busy with school and work – oh yes, this was also the month where I went the the city hall of malmö to eat dinner with the minister and hey it was also the month where I got to help with making a music video for a danish artist (it will be out in April Ill let you know when). It is crazy and I am beyond grateful for a busy/tough but very good march.

How was your month? Are you as excited for April as I am? Oh and hey, before I leave do tell me if you have a favourite outfit from those presented above will ya? 😉 Thanks mate!

Love A

The colour of hope…















Godaften skønherlinger. Jeg håber i har haft en skøn start på ugen?

Selv føler jeg mig lidt som et kassettebånd der er gået i stykker, når jeg skriver at jeg har brugt hele dagen og weekenden på skole. Det er hårdt vil jeg gerne indrømme, og jeg er træt og har ondt i kroppen hverdag, men jeg tror på at hårdt arbejde nok skal bærer frugt på et tidspunkt. Og så kan jeg da slappe af når jeg bliver gammel ik? (sagde hun nervøst haha).

Her er et outfit jeg hoppede i forleden aften. Det skønne ved at have hele tre søskende er jo at når man er lidt træt af sit eget klædeskab så hopper man bare ind i et af deres for at få et lidt friskt pust.

Jakken jeg har på er hermed ikke min, men min lillesøsters som har købt den i H&M.

Den har den skønneste grønne farve, som jo også er håbets farve – og hvem kunne ikke bruge lidt håb nogle gange? MIG!!! haha!

Jeg kan slet ikke vente til man rent faktisk kan tøffe rundt i sådanne jakker i mere end 10 min haha!

Kan i have en dejlig aften!

Knus A

Good evening lovelies. I hope you have had/are having a great start to the new week?

I, myself feel like a broken record when I write that I have been spending my week and weekend on school. I must admit that I am starting to feel it in my body – everything is hurting, I am tried every single day, but I truly believe that hard work pays off some day. Aaaan I can sleep when I am old right? (she says nervously haha).

Here is an outfit that I jumped into the other day. The good thing about having three sisters is that when you are sick of your own wardrobe you can turn to one of theirs to get a breath of fresh air.

The jacket I am wearing is thus not mine, but belongs to my younger sister who bought it in H&M.

It has the most gorgeous green colour, which is the colours of hope – and who could not use a little hope in their lives? I know I could haha!

I can’t wait to the days come where you can wear jackets like these for more than 10min (without freezing to death) haha.

Have a lovely day/evening  friends!

Love A
















Top from ONLY  & Trousers from ZARA

Bloggen har stået stille i en uges tid nu og grunden til det er at jeg er igang med det største projekt jeg nogensinde har arbejdet på. Jeg er jo snart færdiguddannet og skal jo have et job bagefter – jeg har aldrig vidst hvad jeg skulle lave og har altid været meget spontan i mine beslutninger. Det har altid ( 7 9 13) vist sig at være det rigtige valg jeg har truffet selvom det blev taget i sidste øjeblik.

Dette jeg arbejder på nu, er et kæmpe gamble selv for mig. Jeg må ikke afslører noget endnu men snart! Jeg ved det.. totalt nederen og drille på den måde, men jeg lover at fortælle hvad der sker og hvorfor jeg har så travlt snarest muligt!

NÅ! Dagens opslag er lidt en observation jeg har gjort mig – det virker som om at lige meget hvor jeg henvender mig om det er i centeret, på Instagram eller de store online butikker så er der lidt et tribal/safari tema der kører. Vi snakker frynser, store flowy midi kjoler, løse strik toppe, og khaki, militær grøn, gul og beige farver.

H&Ms nye studio kollektion har meget samme tema og JEG ELSKER DEN SÅÅÅÅ MEGET!!! ARGH!!  Men hvorfor skal det være så dyrt altså – jeg nægter lidt at give 1000kr for en kjole.. Selvom det er den smukkeste kjole nogensinde.. ÅH altså!
Hvis vi venter kommer de måske på udsalg om nogle måneder.. haha!

Zaras nye kollektion er lige så skøn og i samme ånd! Tjek dem endelig ud hvis i mangler inspiration til jeres forårs/sommer garderobe!

Knus A

The blog has been quiet for the past week or so, and the reason behind that is that I am currently working on the biggest project that I have ever been a part of.

There is not much time from now before I have officially finished my studies which means that I also need to figure out what I want to do after that.

I have never really known what I wanted to do, and have been very spontaneous with my decision. Luckily (knock on wood) they have all proved to be the right ones even though I made the decisions last minute.

The project I am working on now is the biggest gamble I have ever made. I can’t reveal what it is now . But soon!
I know, I know it is not nice to tease like this, but I promise soon to tell you guys what is going on behind the scenes!

OH WELL! Today’s post is all about a recent observation of mine – no matter where I turn to, that being, the mall, online shopping, Instagram there seem to be a theme going on – A safari/tribal theme to be specific. I am seeing a lot of frill and fringe, big flowy midi dresses, khaki, army green, yellow and beige colours.

H&M’s new studio collection has the same theme going on and I AM IN ABSOLUTE LOVE WITH IT!!! ARGH!!! But why does it have to be so damn expensive!! Maybe if I am patient it will go on sale soon… haha!

Zara’s new collection is in the same spirit. Check both collections out if you are in need of some inspiration for your spring/summer wardrobe!

Love A




















Bag from HVISK  Blazer from ZARA   Jeans from NAKED

De af jer der følger med på instagram har nok også set min stories som afslører at jeg har været i malmö de sidste tre dage.

Som sagt for et opslag siden, så er der mange muligheder der er dukket op i forbindelse med min uddannelse. Én af dem var denne. Jeg har nemlig været så heldig at blive inviteret til en konference i Malmö, hvor jeg skulle hjælpe med at facilitere og udføre et eksperiment. Udover det blev jeg også inviteret til rådhuset for at spise middag med ministeren.. Jeps.. Jeg kan stadig ikke forstår at jeg liige har gjort det haha. Jeg er super taknemmelig og ydmyg over at de ville have lille mig med.

Til eventet skulle outfittet jo også være i orden, og da der jo lige har været udsalg så var det optimalt at købe noget der. Jeg er ikke den store blazer-pige, men liige denne her faldt altså i god jord, og så kunne den jo bruges til eventet også hvor jeg jo ikke bare liiige kunne dukke op i min neon printet bukser, tykke strik og et par sneakers haha.

NÅ, keglen her glemte selvfølgelig, at tage den med til Sverige (SÅ typisk mig) men så kan jeg bruge den til hverdag – det er jo hvad man gør det til 😉


Den er købt i Zara og super fin i farve og materiale hvilket gør den perfekt at bruge som sommerjakke også.


Skøn dag søde venner!

Knus A

Those of you who follow me on Instagram have probably also seen my stories, which reveal that I have been spending the last three days in Sweden.

As I mentioned a few posts ago, many opportunities have come up, in regards to my studies. One of those was this trip. I was invited to attend a conference in Malö Sweden, where I had to help facilitate, and perform an experiment. Besides this I was also invited to dine with the minister at the city hall… Yup.. I still can’t believe that I did that haha. I am beyond grateful and humbled by the fact that they wanted little me to join.

For that event I of course had to wear something decent – I could not show up in my neon printed trousers, knit and sneakers haha. So I took advantage of the sales that are on right now, and bought the corduroy blazer that I am wearing above.

With that said, the idiot behind the computer her forgot to bring the blazer to Sweden (SO typically me), but I can always use it for something else.

I bought it in ZARA and it is gorgeous both in colour and material making it perfect event as a summer jacket.

Have a wonderful day friends!

Love A


Printed tights…



















Tights from Sneaky Fox HERE

For lidt over en måned siden sprang GUCCI’s strømpebukser internettet. De har deres ikoniske logo printet ind i dem, hvilket gør dem perfekte under en basic nederdel eller kjole.

Alle de store bloggere havde dem på, og så gik der ikke lang tid før at mit lille hjerte begyndte at flimrer – jeg vil også have et par jooo. Men de er super dyre og vi bliver nødt til at være realistiske her ik – SU’en rækker ikke til sådan et par.

Heldigvis er der mange andre alternativer, blandt andet dem jeg har på ovenover så jo koster en brøkdel af de andre.

Jeg synes sku det fungere! Hvad synes i?

Knus A

A little over a month ago the GUCCI tights broke the internet. They have their iconic logo printet on them, which makes the perfect underneath a basic skirt or dress.

All the big bloggers had them on, and so not long after drooling over their stunning pictures my heart started to tremble haha. I wanted a pair to!!! haha!
They are super expensive and I had to be realistic about it – They are not for a student.

Luckily there are a lot of other pretty alternatives, among which are the ones that I am wearing above. They cost a fraction of the Gucci ones and are just as good at doing the job!

I think it works! What do you think?

Love A

My true colour…

















Da jeg var yngre og først lige fik øjnene op for tøj, mode og alt det andet der hører til tog jeg jeg mange online tests for at finde ud af hvad jeg skulle gå i.

Jeg kan tydeligt huske at tage en online test der hed “find your true colours” som jo self handlede om hvilket farver der passede min hudfarve og hårfarve bedst.

Der var mange farver der passede mig, men iblandt alle var det bedste match –  lilla.

Jeg ejer egentlig ikke meget lilla, og har siden hen glemt alt om ‘my true colours’, da jeg lidt tror på at vi alle kan gå i alle farver, det handler bare om at finde den rigtige tone af farven. Med det sagt er lilla nu meget lækker til mig haha.

Min kjole er købt i vero moda og er lavet i det lækreste luftige stof som man kan gå i den om sommeren med nogle birkenstocks eller om vinteren med nogle støvler og en tyk strik.

Jeg elsker den og har allerede gået med den op til flere gange!

Hvad er jeres true colours?

Knus A

When I was younger and first got an interest in clothes,fashion and everything that comes with it, I remember taking a lot of online test that could help me figure out what to wear and what not to.

I can clearly remember taking a test called “find your true colours” which off course was about finding the colours that best suited your skin – and hair colour.

There were a lot of colours for me, but among many there was one colour that was the best of all – purple.

I don’t really own much purple, and have since then also forgotten everything about my ‘true colours’, since I believe we can all wear the colour we desire to wear – it is just about finding the correct tone of that colour. With that said, I must admit that purple is indeed good for me haha!

I bought my dress in Vero Moda. It is made of the softest cotton fabric that is perfect for summer with a pair of birkenstocks or for winter with some boots and a chunky knit.


I love it and have worn it many times since I bought it!


What is your true colour?


Love A



Ordet “travlt” dækker næsten ikke over hvor meget jeg har på min tallerken disse dage. Jeg går og roder med alt for meget, og kan næsten ikke følge med. Livet står egentlig ret stille på den sociale front og også her på bloggen men på skole fronten er der fuld fart på.

Vi kører 120 km i timen og jeg har næsten ikke nået at få sele på før der blev trykket på speedometeret.

Som i jo nok ved så studerer jeg på universitetet, men det er sådan at jeg faktisk er på mit sidste semester af kandidaten. Da jeg gik ind til dette semester troede jeg egentlig at jeg vil få mere tid til blog og venner end jeg har haft de sidste 5 år, men pludselig stod der en masse gode og spændende muligheder og bankede på min dør, og hvis der er en ting min mor har lært mig så er det at fange dem når de er der. Går tingene ikke som man havde forventet, så har man altid lært en masse på den anden side.

Jeg vil ikke kede jer for meget med de akademiske detaljer (medmindre i er nysgerrige self og ikke synes det er alt for kedeligt haha), men jeg vil gøre mit bedste for at holde bloggen opdateret som før!

Ovenover er de to outfit opslag som jeg har formået at lave i løbet af februar… så kan man virkelig fornemme hvor slemt det har været når der kun er kommet to outfits op.. 🙁 Sorry!!!

Jeg strammer ballerne liiidt mere – for bloggen er jo lidt mit hjertebarn sammen med alle jer skønne skønne læsere! Følg endelig med på min Instagram HER hvor jeg er lidt bedre til løbene opdatere!

Knus A

The word “busy” hardly covers how much I have on my plate lately. I am trying to do way to many things at the same time, and I can barely stay on top of all of them. Life is pretty still standing on all other fronts – social, the blog, family – but it is going a lot faster when it comes to my education.

We are driving 100m/h and I barely got to put my seatbelt on before the car took off.

As you may know I am currently studying in uni. what you might not know is that it is my last semester of my masters degree. The only thing that was on the agenda for this semester was to write my thesis report, so I naturally though that I would have a lot more time for the blog, and friends. But suddenly many great opportunities came knocking on my door, and if there is one thing that my mom has taught me it is to grasp them when they show. If things don’t go the way you intended them to go, you have gotten richer in the wisdom learned.  

I won’t bore you too much with the academic details (unless you of course are interested, and don’t find it too boring haha) but I will do my best to keep the blog updated as before.

Above are the two outfit posts I managed to do during the month of February which really shows how busy I have been 🙁

The blog is my love and so are you lovely people who take the time to read it, so I will do my best to keep up! Remember to follow me on Instagram HERE where I am a bit better at updating regularly.

Love A

Handmade dreams…













Other alternatives HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE

Denne smukke smukke jakke er købt fra MANGO og jeg er fuldstændig forelsket!

Den er let polstret og lavet i det rareste stof, perfekt som sommerjakke til de kølige morgener eller sene sommeraftener. Nogen gange er det meget rart at få skiftet læderjakken, som vi jo alle går liiidt for meget i foråret/sommeren, ud med et lidt sjovere og langt mere åndbart alternativ.

Jeg har valgt at smide den ovenover mine yndlings orange bukser som jeg synes er den fineste komplementære farve til den ellers meget brune jakke.

Ejer man ikke liiige et par orange trompet-bukser (hvilket jeg fuldt ud forstår at man ikke bare liiige gør) så kan man også smide den over et par jeans eller en lækker løstsiddende midi-kjole til et mere hverdags look.

Kan i have en lækker aften søde venner!

Knus A

This gorgeous jacket is from MANGO and I am IN LOVE with it!
It is slightly padded, and made in the most comfortable fabric making it the perfect summer jacket for the cold mornings or late summer nights.

Also, sometimes it is just nice to have a more fun, and much more breathable, alternative to the leather jacket that we all tend to wear a bit too much during spring/summer.

I choose to pair the jacket with my favourite orange trousers, which I think is the perfect contrast to the else very brown jacket.

If you don’t own a pair of orange flared trousers (which I totally understand if you don’t), you can pair it with a pair of jeans or a oversized midi dress for a more casual look.

Have a gorgeous day friends!

Love A